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I'm a Graphic Designer with an appreciation of art, life, and literature. I completed my Masters in Media Design from Full Sail University in March 2017, which allowed me to move beyond a beginners skill set and really hone in on my passion for design and illustration. 

I live in the lower section of Ohio, where the Ohio & Scioto Rivers meet. I’m obsessed with making things and even more obsessed with making things better. I’ve been in the business of creating since I put my first work of art on the fridge when I was 3. Prior to graduating from Shawnee State University for my undergrad, I was actively involved in my community and worked with several non-profits, and even now continue to do so.

My specialty is marketing and multimedia design. My interests, however, extend beyond paper and I love helping people with branding, digital imaging, and I dabble in photography and more traditional arts.

For more information on how I can help your design needs, please feel free to contact me.

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Additional references are available upon request.